Read and observe …. this is a short passage that I really found interesting…. please read it and notice the order of events. Also, look at the beginning middle and end …. why don’t you try writing on the same topic. It will be fun… so let’s get going.

The Nordic Planet

Two months back I had an opportunity to visit and get absorbed in the mesmerising beauty of the Nordic land.

From the thrilling cold breeze to the delicious friendly reindeers , the steamingly relaxing saunas to the safe walks under the midnight sun, the journey was more exciting than the destination.

Just as we were eagerly expecting to experience the sunset we noticed the sudden change in the hues and colours of nature. The lush green mountains wore the golden gowns of the midnight sun and the whole town suddenly beamed with life again.

How the proud residents respected every element of nature and their dear reindeers, at the sight of which vehicles would stop to let them feel safe and trot like a proud member of their extended family.

This respect extends to the every component- be it living or non living ….. (and here we are fighting for the sanctity of our women)

How every garden and every backyard embraced us with open arms to enjoy the sweet fruits and the calmness that enveloped every town of every city of every state. ( EVERY MANS RIGHT)

The Icelandic geography exhibits the courage and valour of its residents who bravely face the moods of Mother Nature yet sing songs of appreciation as a gratitude and live in complete sync with their eternal mother.

The mossy landscapes of the Lupin land and the steaming hot ground which springs up like a happy child in the form of geysirs leave every onlooker awestruck with its extreme beauty.

How relaxed and friendly and calm and humble one can be …. is something that is worth reflecting upon.

The dream come true was Balestrand where we felt as if we were a part of a painting … a place where I would like to spend my years to come in the lap of my eternal mother.

I fall short of words and enter a state of deep nostalgia as I write about the beauty of the Nordic land …. it’s an experience worth living again and again and again.