In Love For Zen

It was the day of submission and Amadi had again forgotten to complete her assignment. Her head exploded with vivid memories of her dog, Zen.
Her smile stretched from ear to ear thinking about all the tricks she had taught him and how they used to play pranks on her friends.
After losing Zen, all that she wanted was another partner who would make her feel cheerful after a dull day at school.
Amadi never liked school because of the never ending deadlines that she always failed to meet ending up being grounded in the library.
Pretending to be unhappy, she actually used to like being in the library because of her love for books.
Her all time favourite being Ruskin Bonds “Tigers For Dinner” which she could read for a million times.
Mother was always upset with Amadi for being forgetful about her school assignments.
Even though Amadi’s mother was a very humble and warm woman, their conversations would often end up into arguments.
As much as she loved reading, Amadi was also fond of writing which became a ritual after she lost Zen.
She would write in her journal each night and it made her feel light and cheerful.
She would end each journal entry with a doodle of her dog, Zen.
Amadi liked her English teacher Ms. Jenny who would make Amadi sit with her to finish her assignments.
Amadi felt very secure with Ms. Jenny and often confided in her.
In one of her conversations with Ms. Jenny , Amadi disclosed how desperately she wanted a dog but couldn’t gain the courage to approach her mother due to her bad performance in meeting her assignment deadlines.
Ms. Jenny encouraged Amadi to approach her and one fine day when mother was cooking Amadi’s favourite dish of carrot soup and onion rings in the kitchen, Amadi approached her and expressed her desire.
Her mother hugged her tightly which made Amadi tear up as it was long that she got so close to her mother.
Her mother was well aware of the reason for Amadi’s forgetfulness.
After a light discussion they both made a pact to not argue anymore and that Amadi will have to meet all the deadlines for her school assignments for the next twenty days.
So day after day Amadi worked hard to complete her work and meet all the deadlines.
Finally, the much awaited day arrived and as soon as Amadi reached home after her school she found her mother ready for them to leave for the pet store downtown.
They stepped aboard a tram to reach the pet store where they were welcomed by the cawing of a crow in a cage hung right outside the entrance gate of the shop.
The pet store was rather filthy but all that Amadi wanted was a shitzu puppy.
She found one as white as snow with a black spot on one eye just behind the owners desk.
Amadi immediately picked it up and started cuddling it.
The sight of Amadi being happy and cheerful made her mother tear up as she felt bad about making Amadi wait for this day, but , sometimes aren’t the right decisions the hardest and most painful to make.

The Nordic Planet

Two months back I had an opportunity to visit and get absorbed in the mesmerising beauty of the Nordic land.

From the thrilling cold breeze to the delicious friendly reindeers , the steamingly relaxing saunas to the safe walks under the midnight sun, the journey was more exciting than the destination.

Just as we were eagerly expecting to experience the sunset we noticed the sudden change in the hues and colours of nature. The lush green mountains wore the golden gowns of the midnight sun and the whole town suddenly beamed with life again.

How the proud residents respected every element of nature and their dear reindeers, at the sight of which vehicles would stop to let them feel safe and trot like a proud member of their extended family.

This respect extends to the every component- be it living or non living ….. (and here we are fighting for the sanctity of our women)

How every garden and every backyard embraced us with open arms to enjoy the sweet fruits and the calmness that enveloped every town of every city of every state. ( EVERY MANS RIGHT)

The Icelandic geography exhibits the courage and valour of its residents who bravely face the moods of Mother Nature yet sing songs of appreciation as a gratitude and live in complete sync with their eternal mother.

The mossy landscapes of the Lupin land and the steaming hot ground which springs up like a happy child in the form of geysirs leave every onlooker awestruck with its extreme beauty.

How relaxed and friendly and calm and humble one can be …. is something that is worth reflecting upon.

The dream come true was Balestrand where we felt as if we were a part of a painting … a place where I would like to spend my years to come in the lap of my eternal mother.

I fall short of words and enter a state of deep nostalgia as I write about the beauty of the Nordic land …. it’s an experience worth living again and again and again.